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My life story’s not a story

about me alone.

Once upon a time,

someone gave his life for mine.

I didn’t spend a dime,

I owed the debts,

he paid in full.

My life story’s HIS story too.

Love’s story, written in red ink

on royal blue sheet;

Divinity bled so I might live.

I had a lot of baggage,

all tagged, “dead weight.”

Held things of no value,

while God held out treasures.

Took me a while,

but now I’ve found truth

and I’ll hold on till eternity.

I may not be there;

the place of my dreams,

but I know I’m here;

not where I used to be.

With God I walk tall,

no running from shadows.

With God I live in present,

free from past life.

With God I stay strong,

I know who and whose I am,

not afraid to be me.

I was blind, but now I have sight.

My focus has been shifted

from my story to HIS story;

The life transforming truth.

POEM by Dr. Joy Oviomaigho

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