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The Pursuit of Self Worth

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No one will ever value you more than they value themselves which means you are solely responsible for yourself and what you are worth. Putting yourself first is not selfishness and nobody should demonize you for that. There is a big difference between selfishness and self-value. Selfishness means being excessively or exclusively concerned for only yourself without regards for others; while self-value on the other hand means caring for yourself first and then others.

It’s about putting you first, then others in that order.  It is not selfishness to put premium on yourself, to pursue the things that help bring out the best in you. Bible says “Love your neighbors as your love yourself” (Mark12:31). This quote reinforces the fact that you can’t love others more than yourself, rather you should love them as you love yourself.

I hear people speak of “Self-Love” and it makes a lot of sense to me. But self-love without self-worth is tantamount to self-wreck.  I mean, how can you love yourself being a mediocre, how can you love yourself with no more moral standards, that’s you trapped with one sort of addiction or the other, or you that have not improved on any aspect of life? There’s no greater joy than one giving one’s best in what one does and having the corresponding positive results from it.

In fact, it’s more like when you’ve superbly trained and prepared for a competition; then, going in and getting the desired results. It’s quite orgasmic, like you are just so happy for you: ever before others compliment you, you will compliment yourself.

Fundamentally, the pursuit of self-worth is a vital investment in self-development and enhancement. Come to think of it, what you bring to the table determines how much value you are accorded. The world does not celebrate mediocrity. A wise man said “get rich or die trying.” But I will like to rephrase it by saying be your best or die trying.

If I may ask when you mess up in something, fail to achieve an expected result or unable to meet a particular target; do you go back home, look at yourself in the mirror and say “wow, I made myself proud today”? Do score yourself 10/10 when your actual output is on negative indices? Or would you rather feel disappointed in yourself, berate yourself and rue the chances you missed? do you feel so hard-done-by and wish you got a second chance to go back there and get it right or do it better?

The choice is yours, either to be a goal getter or goal loser; to be a ball of fire or a bag of failure, to be a stand-out or trapped down. The world is waiting, the choice is entirely yours. Please, get going today, don’t let yesterday’s results hamper your motivation and willpower to get to the top.


By Pastor Ezekiel Ahamba is the Lead Pastor, Sure Family Christian Center, Abuja, Nigeria.

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