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Religion, Society and Human Value

Religion and religious discourse are a subject in its distinct language or use of language, which neither has nor needs any justification outside of itself. The word and revelation of God is God. God is the author of heaven and earth, the host, the sustainer, the administrator etc. Therefore, the world is beyond human comprehension. Religion fulfils functions necessary for human life on earth, firstly through pre-incarnate revelation of God. This is the source of man’s religion, represented in the religions of the world.

The corruption of man is the reason of the half-truth found in man’s religion. For example, Jesus confronted the Pharisees on different occasions for additional laws in Judaism. The true revelation of God is Jesus Christ. The word of God manifested- the TRUTH. The truth cannot be corrupted – that is the written word. Today, it is easy to know false prophets as those who lie, whose prophecies do not agree with Scriptures.

Religion deals with origin of creation, the purpose of human life and destiny, understanding evil and suffering, the hope of life beyond death, pattern of life and ethical codes, the force which binds people together, connection with reality that is not transient, but transcendent. In practice, these functions take the broad pattern of faithfulness and devotion to some undefined ultimate principle.

Each religion offers goals to be achieved by means peculiar to its own tradition. It provides answers to perennial questions such as the meaning of life. The most significant preoccupations of religion are the fear/mystery of death and what lie beyond. What then is the value of life in human society? Society is a self-perpetuating human group distinguished from other groups of humans by mutual interest, participation in characteristic relationships, common culture and shared value. Human value on the other hand, is the worth attached to life.

God is the source of life. It is only through God that the true value of life can be revealed. Genesis 1: 26 said that man is created in the image of God. Therefore, human value is the dignity of man in God. Though every religion and culture emphasize human value, this also is corrupted, because man’s religion is half-truth. The only true religion is God revelation of Himself, and the gift of his spirit to help man actualize self in relation to God’s truth. This is the state of freedom from oppression.


Oviomaigho Jerry Ikechukwu, PhD. The Contributor Dr. Jerry Ikechukwu is seasoned consultant

in Educational Technology and Strategic management. He is also the President of Glorious Family Altar Assembly.

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