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You are not the Problem, your Clothes are!

Does it seem to you like everyone else looks better in an outfit than you can ever look? Then you must go back to your mirror right now! Right in front of your mirror is this blameless figure handcrafted by God and that’s you. There is absolutely no problem with your shape, color or size; but there may be a huge problem with your sense of fashion and design.

The extent you can go to manipulate fashion to suite your body type, is the extent to which you can satisfy yourself and impress your onlookers. Just so you don’t end up disappointed at the feedback from your mirror or that from your critics, do well to know your body type before picking a fabric, a color or a design. In Fashion, this principle applies to both ladies and gentlemen.

As a lady, you are either one of these body types; apple, pear, rectangular or the hourglass type. And as a man, you are either one of these body types: inverted, triangular, Rectangular, Oval or the trapezoid type. Knowing your body type is no rocket science in this age and time, a little bit of image browsing with reference to the listed body type will do the job quite well.

Do not just jump into any eye-catching clothing in a bid to meet the trend. You are unique enough to set a new trend; and to do so, looking your absolute best. Fashion is much more about personality than it is about trend, be bold enough to do yours without apology!


Prepared by Charity Signs Jesutekevwe

Charity Jesutekevwe is a seasoned writer and radio/TV presenter

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