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Do not be discouraged in pursuing Peace

We have often displeased ourselves just to please others; and at the end of the day, we become the victims. This is a life of a volunteer and the service to humanity.

Our biggest enemy is not the challenges we are facing but the little voice inside driving us, saying “you can do this, you can do that and get away with it, you can kill, destroy and steal and get away with it,” forgetting that anything you do always come back to you either in the open or hidden.

Whatever you feel is good and you are comfortable in doing it, provided it is good and commendable; and you can do it in the open without being afraid, don’t let anyone talk you out of it, please do it. But whatsoever you know that is wrong and evil, please desist from it. The pursuit of peace in our life can be discouraging; and at times we may feel like letting go, but always have this in mind that peace is always better in either ways. LET PEACE REIGN ALWAYS

By Ambassador Chukwuka Alex Uboh

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