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What is Life?

Growing up in life, we often find ourselves always asking this question which has eluded lots of people till death without really having the answers to them. The big question is “WHAT IS LIFE”

A lot of people have different definitions of what life entails but our definition of life is death, because every human dies, which is life and sometimes we don’t even prepare for death and here it is knocking unexpectedly.

A life is an opportunity of uncertain times given to explore, knowing fully well that we cannot outlive the earth. Like is cheerful kindness and mutual coexistence. So in life, always be kind and of good cheer. For your good and benefit of the present and future generations, make your life and sojourn on earth better than the way you met. Kindness is life: those living in this world without kindness are simply not of this world. Give kindness and enjoy a pleasant life!

We have failed to live together as one, we are supposed to see ourselves as partners in progress and not rivals. We feel threatened always by the success stories of our friends and neighbors. We see competitors all around giving birth to envy, jealousy, hatred, gossip, bickering, lies, etc.

We must learn to change our mindset now that there is still time before we turn ourselves to foes; and by then the world will be living on time bomb waiting to explode and erupt into a new world of incontrollable violence. Let’s learn to see ourselves as one. Let’s build a new world that will be flooded with love, care and kindness. A world of possibilities where truth is the watch word.

By Ambassador Chukwuka Alex Uboh

President General CONPA

Delta State

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