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US President Joe Biden kneeling to chat with the Kid named CJ Brown Iin Detroit Michigan not with George Floyd’s Son as has gone viral on Social Media

Look at this smashing and trailblazing but instructive picture of the US President Joe Biden with a black kid in Detroit Michigan!It shows fatherly love, total humility, compassionate kindness, and great wisdom by the president of the world’s most powerful democracy. It shows that together the white, the black and the colored people can join hands and minds to make the world better, happier, and free of injustice and racism.

Nevertheless, Senator Dino Melaye of Nigeria’s National Assembly was among the first to wrongly claim it was President Joe Biden of the US kneeling before George Floyd’s son, apologizing to him on behalf of the USA. This picture with the accompanying false information has long gone viral on social media. Quite unfortunate though amusing!

More importantly, Word Bank International Magazine, with its pacesetting mindset for the WORD OF TRUTH and its trailblazing DNA to verify the truth in journalism as it promised its readers and subscribers from the get-go, verified to authenticate the accompanying write up with the picture as posted on social media. We found the write up is false.

The kid is not Floyd’s son. Rather, in the original post on Twitter in September 2020, the kid was named as CJ Brown. And the picture was taken in Detroit, in the state of Michigan not in Minnesota state in September 2020, during the last US Democratic Party’s presidential campaign which took place a couple of months before the US presidential election of 4th November 2020.

Note that the picture was originally posted on twitter by Corrine Perkins, the North American editor of Reuters Pictures for the international news agency. Corrine credited the photo to Leah Millis, a senior photographer with Reuters, the groundbreaking news agency. Please, you can follow Corrine Perkins on Twitter @corrine_perkins.

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