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God doesn’t promise that we won’t have trouble. Sometimes we’ll have a double dose, more than our fair share. But the good news is that trouble doesn’t have the final say. The betrayal, the sickness, and the loss are not how your story ends. God promises that He won’t just help you get through it, just help you survive it, but He’ll bring you out with double—double the joy, double the strength, double the influence, double the resources. God makes the enemy pay for bringing the trouble.

God also says your joy will go on forever. That means neither the trouble nor pain is permanent. The loneliness, the addiction, and the depression are not going to last. God says restoration and new beginnings are coming through His goodness. Breakthroughs, abundance, and victory are coming. The pain is only temporary and is going to give way to a deep satisfaction, a joy you can’t explain, and that joy will go on forever.

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