Genesis 1:1
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

The heavens and the earth in our text today are not just references to just earth and sky “The heavens” is the biblical name for the spiritual world created by God consisting of the creator Himself and angelic beings. While “The earth” describes the physical world also created by God consisting the earth, sea, sky, all living creatures including man and the things he has made. Therefore God’s universe consist if the material world we can see and a spiritual world that human eyes cannot see but is nonetheless real. As a matter of fact God actually created the spiritual first before that which is seen. Both worlds exists parallel to each and constantly interact with each other. Even though we can’t see into the spiritual realms through natural eyes, yet events in our physical world are shaped by activities in the spiritual realm. Unfortunately many believers live as if the spiritual realms are nonexistent or irrelevant, a viewpoint that puts one at the receiving end of the great conflict that exist in this realm.

The reality is that we cannot afford to ignore events in the spiritual realm since they determine the outcome of our lives on earth. We experience health, material success and victory when we align with God and His loyal angels by giving him authority on earth to enforce His will. Conversely defeat, losses and death comes when we believe the devil’s lies thus empowering him and his host of fallen angels to steal, kill and destroy lives. The choice is yours to make.


Holy Spirit, activate my spiritual senses to discern activities in the spirit realm and bring me into alignment with God to see his will done in my life today as already established in heaven in Jesus name.


Psalms 115:162 Corinthians 4:18

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