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President of Umuada Igbo Massachusetts USA calls for peaceful Christmas Season

Mrs. Chidinma Igbokwe, the President of Umuada Igbo Massachusetts in the US, has called on Nigerians both in the diaspora and the homeland to remain peaceful and cautious but friendly while eschewing hate and violence  during this Christmas season. The Umuada Igbo Mass President, Chidinma Igbokwe, remarked that,
 “Christ whose birth we are celebrating in this season is peaceful, kind, compassionate, friendly and related with people from all walks of life. Therefore, as we celebrate and make merry in this Christmas season and the coming year 2022, we should show love rather than hate, stay peaceful rather than violent, display kindness rather than wickedness, and be compassionate with everyone in our family, community, neighborhoods and nation, especially to the orphans, homeless and less privileged people around us.”
The Umuada Igbo Massachusetts President, Mrs. Chidinma Igbokwe, made the appeal during the Christmas Thanksgiving ceremony of the Organization in Boston, USA. She called on all Nigerians traveling to the Nigerian homeland to seize the opportunity of going home for the Christmas to help people and live modestly. Mrs. Chidinma Igbokwe remarked that “Christmas is not a time to be selfish, extravagant, arrogant and to pridefully show off wealth. It’s rather a time to engage in charity works of feeding the poor and helping the needy as Jesus Christ exemplified during his life time on earth.”

Umuada Igbo Massachusetts Inc. cutting Chrismass cake with their President, Mrs. Chidinma Igbokwe last week Saturday 11th December, 2021

Importantly, one media executive and the publisher of Word Bank Magazine online, Rev. Chukwudi Eke, had the opportunity of interviewing with Mrs. Chidinma Igbokwe, the president of Umuada Igbo of Massachusetts in the US. Rev. Eke enquired from Mrs. Igbokwe to know “the purpose and functions of Umuada Igbo Massachusetts?”. Rev. Eke learned that Umuada Igbo is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in Massachusetts of the US. It’s a sociocultural organization of Nigerian women in diaspora. It’s an organization which promotes the welfare of not only its members, but also geared towards assisting residents in the area of its operations. The organization helps in raising awareness about the cultural heritage of the Igbo race while bringing Nigerians of all walks of life together. It also promotes the values of respect for law and order while promoting girl child education.
Much more, in another segment of the interview with Mrs. Chidinma Igbokwe during the modest Christmas dinner that her organization offered to many invited Nigerian guests at Holiday Inn Express, Dedhem in Massachusetts, Rev Eke of Word Bank Magazine online asked Mrs. Chidinma Igbokwe, the president of Umuada, “what’s your action plan or your agenda in the year 2022 for Umuada Igbo of Massachusetts?” 
The Umuada Igbo President, Mrs. Igbokwe, cheerfully replied that, she and the organization are engaging on different programs and projects. These include among others, the campaign of bringing Nigerians together in the spirit of one nation under God. Mrs. Igbokwe succinctly argued, “until unity exists in a family, a community and the nation, peace and progress will be far fetched.” 
Mrs. Igbokwe is a successful nurse practitioner with United States Veterans Affairs hospital in Massachusetts. Currently she  will be completing her Doctorate degree in Nursing. She’s married with four successful children and two grandchildren. Mrs. Igbokwe also revealed that Umuada Igbo Massachusetts are also planning on sustainable programs and projects especially in the areas of girl child education, campaign against girl trafficking in Nigeria, and female-youth empowerment programs.

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