At Word Bank Book Club, excellence, delight and empowerment are the trio-guiding lights. We’re looking for books which are excellently written, delightsome and empowering. Books that make the reader a better person; books that are engaging and delightful; and books which inspire, energize and mobilize the readers to think afresh and do something which transforms their lives and their community making the world a better place and enriching our civilization in the 21st digital century driven by high end tech and self-development information and capabilities.

Each week, the Editorial Team will examine the huge collections of best-selling books out there, as well as consider books which may not be best sellers but have very unique appeal. We normally recommend one book each with hope that readers will complete reading and analyzing them. We expect to collect them and the following week announce the best analyst or critic of each book provided the previous week for reading and evaluation. The three best analysts get a gift card and certificate highlighting their literary skills and attainments as being an award recipient from Word Bank magazine.

Besides our Book of the Week exhibition and contest, our Book Club showcases other books according to their genres. We show which books can serve you more in what you may be interested or already doing. Our Book Club also links you to other book clubs around online. There are other useful resources which you have to visit our page to find out for yourselves, because we are always updating our pages with juicy trending information to keep you abreast of what is happening where for your own pleasure and satisfaction.